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Eye Lips Massage Device

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Long pressing until device turns into Green Colour to get your treatment begin!
1. Integrated hot, high vibrates jar and light treatment cooperate with eye care products, strong skincare functional product, lead to skin radiance and enrich your skin elasticity.
2. For every 8000 times implement the massage features, it able to activate your skill cell, lead to improve your skin collagen, repair skin elasticity.
3. Press red button to let it turns into hot temperate therapy, relieve eye strain and prohibit eye bag being generated.
4. This device unable to work when it is under charging, when it gets into charging mode, green light will be flashing; when it turns into full charging mode, the green light will bright as usual.
5. When red button keep on having fast flash, after five seconds it will turn off automatically, please charge it immediately.
6. LED Blue Light and Red Light wave can effectively penetrate into your skin bottom layer. If insist to apply everyday can minimize eye circumference melanin.
7. 45 Degree angle, this prefect design, easily get closer to your skin, comprehensive zero dead angle, lifting and tightening massage, the nose corner, mouth corner and each invisible parts, enjoy the nourishing and relaxing features with a peace of mind.

Model: Eye Lips Pen 01
Item size: 180mm X 25mm
Weight: Approximate 40g
Temperature: 42 Degree
Material: ABS + PC
Input: 5V
Charging Time: Approximate 3 Hours (for more stable)
Charging method: USB Charging
Colour: White

Warm Massage:

~ Apply your eye care or skin care products by using 42 Degree Celsius constantly to diastolic pore, accelerate blood circulation, improve metabolism to rejuvenate dead skin.

Vibration Massage:

~ High performance vibrates system, to absorb eye care product quickly, effectively stimulate the skin and keep it fresh and rich of resilience.

45 Degree Angle:

~ To get closer into each tiny parts’ corner to eliminate the toxins.

LED Red Light Care:

~ Improve blood circulation, effectively minimize the fines and wrinkles, accelerate the skin metabolism, and enhance the skin elasticity.

LED Blue Light Care:

~ Minimize black eye circles’ pigment, to accelerate absorbing eye care product.

Eye Treatment:
~ From eye-head into the eye corner slowly get it to massage and vibrate, use thfinger to assist the flow, tightening the eye corner skin, deeply nourishing, skin quickly turn into firming status.

Forehead Treatment:
~ Trace along the middle of eyebrow to the end of the forehead (below hairline), move gently from the middle to top. Repeat few times to get the tight forehead trelax.

Cheek Treatment:
~ From inside to outside of the decree, from up to the bottom massage, repeat respectively, activate the fibre of the skin cell, to reduce decree being formed, tightening outline of the face.

Mouth Corner Treatment:
~ Follow the lips line, tightening up the mouth corner, firming the lips line, leads to the mouth corner warp
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